April 7, 2013


Dieter Rams is known for his Braun products for many reasons. They are rational, functional, [insert all his 10 principles]. But what inspired his 10 point manifesto was a deep concern for the world around him. “I imagine our current situation will cause future generations to shudder at the thoughtlessness in the way in which we today fill our homes, our cities and our landscape with a chaos of assorted junk.”
Ever since Rams has been an outspoken voice calling for “an end to the era of wastefulness” and to consider how we can continue to live on a planet with finite resources if we simply throw everything away. Our exhibit: Brains + Braun expresses how well Rams has managed to combine form with function, making products that affect and impact our environment. We focus on presenting Dieter's work for Braun (excluding his architecture and viscoe work) to teach his 10 principles. The experience is told through a persona, one who experiences all 3 spaces: Life, Work, Play. The design aesthetic was chosen to inform the most basic audience (ones who don't know who dieter is), using reduced layouts, shapes, etc. that reflect Rams' style. 

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